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sophie's Ceramics


I am Sophie, a French potter living in Kep, in the south of Cambodia.

I make unique pieces in fired clay, turned or modeled, then decorated and enamelled by hand, for everyday use at home or for decoration.  I can create objects on order, according to your desires and needs.

I also offer electric wheel pottery and modeling classes for adults and children.

Do not hesitate to come and visit my workshop

or book a course.




> 2 hours of lessons

> 1 piece included, $ 5 per additional piece to cook

  • GROUP CLASSES from 2 people: $ 25 per person

  • PRIVATE CLASS for 1 person: $ 50


> 2 hours of lessons every week

> $ 2.5 per piece to cook

  • GROUP LESSONS from 2 people: $ 15 per person

  • PRIVATE COURSE for 1 person: $ 37.5

5 DAYS COURSE on request

> 5 hours a day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (1 hour lunch break)

> over 5 consecutive days or spread over several weeks

  • GROUP WORKSHOP from 2 people: $ 190 per person

  • PRIVATE COURSE for 1 person: $ 250

  • 3 pieces included ($ 5 per additional piece)

  • During this course, you have free access to the workshop outside of class hours



I initiate you and accompany you


Try creating your unique clay object

on an electric tower in 2 hours (minimum)

You will learn to center the earth then mount it and give it the desired shape: bowl, mug, vase ... The limit will be only your imagination to make your unique object that you will use every day.

Your objects  will be recovered 3 weeks later, the time it is cooked twice at over 1200 degrees!

They are to be collected on site in Kep or can be delivered throughout Cambodia (by VET carrier).

You can add additional hours of lessons to add to your room decoration with colors and engraving (1 hour more recommended) and / or a handle (1 hour more recommended).


Classes and their duration are flexible to your liking, depending on the item you want to craft and the finish you want to bring to it.

  • 2-hour group lesson: $ 20 / person 

  • Additional hour: $ 10 / person

  • 2-hour private lesson for 1 person: $ 40

  • Additional hour: $ 15

  • $ 5  per piece you want to cook and collect



I pass on my know-how to you


Perfect yourself at clay turning

on electric tower and decor

By taking regular courses, you improve your filming skills and gain autonomy.

You can quickly make your own objects and discover secrets of realization and decoration.

My pottery workshop is fully equipped to allow the production of pottery from the treatment of clay to firing, including the creation of color and enamel.

During these regular classes, I open the backstage doors of a pottery workshop.

Classes become regular  when the student participates at least twice a month.  

  • Collective lesson  2 hour regular  : $ 15 / person

  • Additional hour: $ 7.5 / person

  • Regular private lesson of 2 hours for 1 person  :  $ 30

  • Additional hour: $ 15  

  • 2.5 $  per piece you want to cook and collect